Muriel Thompson from Northern Ireland, sent us this photo of this lovely wall-hanging using a Tropical Rainbow Charm Roll

Alec & Jenny’s grand-daughter, age 3, already with an eye for fabric!
Here’s Sheena Norquay’s Quilt Flight North. We are proud to say Sheena uses lots of our Prints & Plain fabrics.
Cot quilt or playmat using a Crackerjack Charm Pack & a Tropical Rainbow Charm Pack available from our on-line shop
Whilst on a trip to Shimla, N. India, Jenny took a photo of this Quilt Shop window. Then went inside & bought 4 quilts!
A cot quilt made by Jenny for a friend’s baby, Lucy, using 2 Lullaby Charm Packs available from our on-line Shop

As well as running Strawberry Fayre Jenny is a keen quilter and lecturer. She also helps to organise exhibitions and competitions.

Making a quilt is an unforgettable experience. It starts with a needle and thread and scissors and a few pieces of fabric. Then you find you have embarked on a journey of colour and design, geometry and symmetry, maths and imagination. By the time your quilt is finished, sometimes in a matter of weeks, you have become an artist and a draftsman, a colour expert and an experienced stitcher. You have made a beautiful quilt, the sense of achievement is enormous and no doubt before long someone will gasp at it and say “How long did it take you to make it?!”. Just try it, it’s easy.

Happy Quilting

Jenny and Alec Hutchison and staff.

Strawberry Fayre Quilts

Strawberry Fayre 30th Birthday Signature QuiltStrawberry Fayre 30th Birthday Signature Quilt

To celebrate 30 years of running Strawberry Fayre, Alec and Jenny invited their customers to take part in the making of a signature quilt.

Strawberry Fayre 25th Anniversary quilt competitionStrawberry Fayre 25th Anniversary quilt competition

The quilt shown to the left is made up from the 25 winning blocks from the Strawberry Fayre 25th Anniversary competition. With grateful thanks to all those quilters who took part.

Jenny’s Quilts

Below are examples of Jenny’s work using Strawberry Fayre fabrics

Sunshine and ShadowSunshine and Shadow: 9′ x 9′ cotton fabrics. Machine pieced and hand quilted. 1986

Keeping the Memory GreenKeeping the Memory Green: 86″ x 86″ – 1990

AbracazebraAbracazebra: 36″ x 28″ – 1992

Spring GardenSpring Garden: part of a set of 4 seasonal quilts – 1995

Jamie & Jo's Wedding QuiltJamie & Jo’s Wedding Quilt – 2007

Across the BoundariesAcross the Boundaries: 34 x 40 inch – 2008

Made for The Devon Guild Members’ Summer Exhibition “Boundaries”. Fabrics have always crossed the boundaries of the world. One of the most travelled fabrics is the “Turkey Red”. Made in the 1800s near Loch Lomond, the dyers developed a completely fast dye & successfully sold 1000’s of yards to really hot sunny countries, Africa & India in particular. This quilt uses fabrics from all over the world, including reproduction Turkey Red. The central panel uses a tradional quilt pattern called “Trip around the World”